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Prosperity-Facilitating Financial Regulation

The RFSA determines and enforces regulatory standards for business conducted in or from the Roatan International Financial Center (RIFC).

The RFSA is designed to enable responsible innovation in the finance and insurance industry, which will propel Honduras to industry leadership.

How We Do Business

The RFSA is the independent and exclusive regulator of financial services conducted in or from Próspera ZEDE in Honduras.

Our team of experts has a mission of developing guidelines that protect financial industry participants without unnecessary friction.

We have a conscious goal of driving investment from global entrepreneurs and local business owners who understand the amazing potential of Próspera ZEDE, Roatán, and greater Honduras.

Good governance policies pave the way for these thought leaders and experts to transform the island into a booming center of commerce; and ultimately set the standard for all of Latin America.


All financial laws and rules regarding business within the Prospera ZEDE are enforced by the RFSA.


Enforcement is based on a regulatory election to ensure maximum fairness.


The RFSA enforces compliance as necessary to retain the standards of adherence at the highest levels.

The RFSA operates as an agile unit in order to serve both dynamic financial institutions, international investors, and the Honduran people.

A Prosperous Future Awaits

Our cutting-edge, crypto-friendly infrastructure is designed to enhance and optimize financial processes with a commitment to the impartial rule of law. This will enable responsible FinTech incubation and innovation.



By using an optimal regulatory proposal model alongside an insurance model, the RFSA functions as a flexible rule-of-law regulator for businesses and entrepreneurs.



The Optimal Regulatory Framework enforced by the RFSA is created and ratified by the Próspera Council of Trustees.


Public Authority

The RFSA is a world class, public regulatory body confirmed by the Próspera Council of Trustees and the Technical Secretary of Prospera ZEDE.



The Próspera Council of Trustees delegates regulatory enforcement authority to the RFSA.

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